Dear Ms Bertha

I would like to express my gratitude in being part of the Power-GenX Africa programme, as a new graduate the overall experience was amazing and I learnt a lot from the Power-Gen Africa conference and from the other students that were presenting their projects.

Power-GenX allowed a young black woman like me to learn what other young students are doing with regards to the energy sector, and that made one aware of many relevant aspects within the energy domain.

It was my first time attending the conference and even participating in it, that is why I will recommend it to other young professionals to take part in it because as much as it was a competition but the knowledge gained for me was the biggest highlight of the programme.

I also wish to thank you for such an amazing platform you created for young people.

To engage and share knowledge through Power-GenX is something that is necessary and so I hope the programme will continue because of its relevance. I do have lessons I learnt from the judicator’s comments about my presentation and it is things that will help me to improve and sharpen my presentation skills and also prepare me on my future endeavours.

Regards Ms Talent Duma 10 May 2018
Ms Talent Duma