Partnerships with multiple stakeholders in the energy and power sector

will ensure cross-pollination of networks and resources, enabling Gen X Theatre Africa to achieve the following:

Financial sustainability

Reach students and young professionals across the continent

Partner with universities and relevant associations on the continent and beyond

Secure a strong advisory board that will curate the best content for the programme

Secure the participation of financiers to support young entrepreneurs

Expand the participation of Utilities beyond facilitating youth participation in the market, to creating a market for millennial entrepreneurs

Secure the support and participation of ministries of energy across the continent to support youth participation in the power and energy sector

Build a high-impact youth in energy programme for the continent

Increase youth traffic to energy and power shows, as the programme becomes an aspirational platform rich in relevant content and resources to advance youth participation in the power and energy sector

We invite you to support youth in energy and power,

With your support we can reach more youngsters and support their ambitions to make a difference in eradicating energy poverty on the African continent, and driving innovation to accelerate electrification.

For more information on how you can participate contact Ms Bertha Dlamini