Gen X Theatre Africa is a life-changing, corporate social responsibility initiative and an empowering non-profit organisation that aims to support and accelerate youth participation in Energy and Power in Africa.

Before 2015, students submitted their proposed papers to the POWER-GEN and DistribuTECH advisory boards, and if the papers did not meet the criteria for one of the conference tracks, they were rejected.

Advisory board member, Ms. Bertha Dlamini, identified the opportunity to develop a student talent showcase programme.

She partnered with Penwell, POWER-GEN and DistribuTECH Africa to create a platform for these students to present their papers at the exhibition area.

The Gen X Theatre Africa was created – a theatre for students and young professionals in the power and energy sector.

It affords students and young professionals the opportunity to present their papers to an international audience, thereby, providing them with information across the power and energy value chain.


Participants receive recognition for their excellent work and are given the opportunity to be  mentored and coached for a determined period, together with other prizes.

Portrait of a confident, young African American woman working in a manufacturing plant.  She is standing with arms folded, looking at the camera, in a storage facility or warehouse.  She is wearing a white hardhat and yellow safety vest.

The Gen X Theatre Africa contributes to the following SDGs of the 17

Gen X Africa is aligned with three UN global Sustainable Development Goals:

SDG 5:

Creating platforms that support Gender Equality in all sectors.

SDG 7:

Finding innovative solutions to Affordable and Clean Energy.

SDG 8:

Creating platforms to promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.

Its ambitious goal is to support students and emerging entrepreneurs in the power sector by giving them an opportunity to interact with a high-level, well-connected international audience in the energy field. A door-opener, for youth, it provides youth in the energy market with information on: prospective employers, potential financiers for their academic or entrepreneurial journey and networks necessary to support their sustainable participation in the sector.

Our ambition is to draw participants from countries in the Southern African Power Pool and the Eastern African Power Pool as well as Nigeria and Ghana.

Young people are eager to participate in the Energy sector. They care about the future of energy, and they want to make a difference. They recognise that the sector offers opportunities to address many of the challenges experienced by their communities. Unfortunately, there are formidable barriers to entry, including access to reliable information and forums for engagement. 

We are targeting students and young professionals completing the following qualifications:




PhD degrees

Gen X Theatre Africa in one of three industry initiatives founded by Ms Dlamini supporting women and youth participation in the Energy and Power Sector in Africa:

Serious thoughtful handsome young African-American construction engineer in soundproof headphone sitting at table and making notes in diary while planning work in dark room

The Gen X Theatre Africa enables students and young professionals in the power and energy sector to present their papers to an international audience.

Most importantly, it also provides them with information across the power and energy value chain.

Our Team


Ms Bertha Dlamini


Ms Renita Moonsammy


Ms. Keneilwe Mmutlana


Mr. Hloni Motloung

Support Young Entrepreneurs

Providing support for young entrepreneurs in the Energy Sector.

So how do we do it?

  1. We create a presentation theatre at an international conference
  2. We invite students and young professionals in Energy and Power to submit abstracts of their academic papers for assessment by our advisory board
  3. Top papers are selected and students invited to participate
  4. Students and young professionals present their paper in front of an esteemed panel of adjudicators
  5. The top papers are announced at the end of the conference and winners receive a number of prizes plus access to mentors and couches in the industry

Targeted Countries