Meet our Team

Ms. Bertha Dlamini

Ms. Dlamini is an Advocate for accelerated participation of African Women and Youth in Africa’s Power and Energy sector.

She is leveraging her experience and vast network in Africa’s power and energy sector to mobilise global stakeholders to work together to remove barriers that prevent effective youth and women participation in Africa’s Power and Energy sector.

She has secured the endorsement of leading industry players and created two targeted initiatives that aim to break-down persistent structural multi-industry barriers that slow-down the participation of African youth and women in the continent’s power and energy sector.

She is the founding President of African Women in Energy and Power (AWEaP)an initiative she founded to accelerate the participation of African Women Entrepreneurs in the full value chain of Power and Energy in Africa, and contribute towards addressing the continent’s energy poverty.

She is also the Founding Chairman of Gen X Theatre Africa (Gen X),an initiative geared at accelerating Youth participation Africa’s Power and Energy sector.

Both these profound initiatives target 22 countries on the continent. They are endorsed by the most established power pool on the continent: the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP) and its member utilities.

She was the Ambassador of Women in Africa Initiative for South Africa in 2017-2018. This initiative is geared at connecting women leaders from Africa and the world to support an inclusive and innovative Africa.

She was a strategic Advisor to the Association for Municipal Electricity Utilities – Women in Electricity, she played a critical role in advancing gender mainstreaming in the energy sector in South Africa.

Ms. Renita Moonsammy

Renita Moonsamy is a Director of Blue Plum Telecoms, a company providing serives in the design and commercialisation of Innovative products and solutions. These include network architecture, IT Infrastructure and data management, IoT in the Energy sector, fintech mobile paymentand and Risk Advisory services.

For over 15 years, Ms Moonsamy has developed significant Information Communications Technology expertise within enterprise solution sales, marketing, customer service delivery and solution devlopment in the Financial, Insurance, Government, Enterprise, and Consumer markets. At Telkom SA, she led the product development team in the innovative design, cross-functional development and commercialisation of many ”firsts” in South Africa. The first IP services, VPN’s, Ethernet, LAN, Internet Services, Storage (early Cloud), Cyber Security, Conferencing, fixed-mobile sms, E-commerce, Managed Converged Services. These solutions encompassing Netork architecture, Pricing models, Brand Strategy and Commercial and Technical parameters for Services to all the Banks, Insurance companies, Government and Enterprise, according to user requirements. 

As Group Executive at Transtel she developed and executed a successful Business Transformation, leading The entire Commercial Business Unit to outperform the Revenue target. Her Innovative approach to Business growth, seeking solutions that generate long-term value for shareholders is evidenced in her high-level client engagement and successfully negotiation of many high revenue –generating contracts. One of the more notable of these is the national fibre network deployment, and design and implementation of an integrated services model across companies withn the entire Transnet Group, and negotiating and signing this transaction valued at over R2.5 billion.

Renita’s Business Developmentsuccess within the Asia Pacific region include Commodity trade agreements (annual turnover >US$150m), and Strategic partnerships with experts in Power Generation and Mine-to-Port logistics for large Southern African  infrastructure prjects.


The hallmark of her leadership is creating high-performance team culture, integrating various tasks, people, processes and systems for optimal revenues. She has built sustained financial success, intrinsic customer value and excetional customer service delivery throughout her career.

Renita is a passionate apeaker and facilitator of large conference sessions Internationally and is an ardent supporter of the Gen-X Theatre that supports thought leadership and youth development  within academia.

Mr. Hloni Motloung

Hloni Motloung started his career in 2001. He gained valuable experience in Reputation Management, Stakeholder Management, Corporate Communications, Internal Communication, Media Relations, Crisis Communications, Issues Management and Sports Management.

Hloni is a qualified Public Relations Practitioner with a National Diploma in Public Relations from the University of Johannesburg (formerly Wits Technikon).

He believes that Media Relations cannot be isolated from Reputation Management and building reputation is far more than having an effective Media Relations strategy. He is passionate about driving internal and external campaigns that positively impact both the organization and its key stakeholders.

Throughout his public relations career, Hloni serviced clients such as SAIEE,  City Power, The Association of Municipality Electricity Utilities (AMEU), Business Against Crime, DBSA, PPC Cement, Saab Grintek, Pikitup, City Of Joburg, British Airways, Putco, Nike, Tshwane Fifa Fan Fest, My Acre of Africa, Consumer Financial Vulnerability Index, Unilever and ACSA.

He spent the past five year working with the MD of City Power as stakeholder and Reputation Management consultant on a contract basis.

He also has extensive writing experience in corporate, consumer and sports experience.

Ms. Keneilwe Mmutlana

“Social Media Super Hero”

Keneilwe is born and breed in Johannesburg. She graduated from Varsity College with a Diploma in Advertising, since then her interest in the industry has grown vastly. She has spent the past 5years solidifying her knowledge in digital marketing using social media and data driven analytics to establish a lasting presence in new markets and identifying new opportunities to learn. Keneilwe is a marketing professional who is detail oriented, a team player, quick learner who is willing to serve with poise and professionalism.

Her interest in Energy and Power started a few years ago , when she was introduced to Women In Energy- (WIE) by Matleng Energy Solutions, having being exposed to such great calibre of women she could not help but grow the love of such initiative’s. Having been exposed to the harsh realities of gender in-equality within the working space, this was just is step in the door. She also realised how a lot of our female engineers had little interest or nothing when it comes to Social Media, she then took it upon herself the help make them more visible on Social platforms, she also encourages them not to shy away from them. Keneilwe feel’s the youth and women’s expression’s , however tend to be subject to much criticism and are hardly ever allowed in the established social media platforms as much as It should be, the culture has long been associated with social protests, if this changes it promises a new life and social change. She says these platforms gives both the youth and women the ability to unearth deep hidden issues within the engineering discipline and the contradictions it comes with, this is one way to help release them from shackles of conventional and outmoded structures.

Keneilwe has been involved in a few initiatives within the engineering space, not only involving women but the youth also. She is part of Consulting Engineers South Africa Young Professionals Forum –CESA YPF, these are young professionals who are passionate about the engineering industry and formed collective to ensure the sustainability of engineering skills for South Africa. Here she gets to engage, network and share best practice required for improved service delivery within built environment. 2017 she was part of GenX Theatre Africa, this is a corporate social responsibility initiative and non-profit organisation with the goal of supporting students and emerging entrepreneurs in the power sector, by providing them with an opportunity to address and interact with an international audience I  the energy field. This is not all she just recently joined a dynamic programme called AWEaP- African Women in Energy and Power, this is a movement of men and women working together to ensure that women entrepreneurs participate in the full value chain of electricity generation, transmission and distribution

Keneilwe’s other interest is in the Public Speaking space. She has been an active participant in Toastmasters, she just recently served as a President for The Woodlands Toastmasters Club. She says that Toastmasters has not only helped her to become a competent speaker but has also empowered her in her leadership skills. “Joining Toastmasters was just not for perfecting my public speaking but it has been a journey that has greatly improved my life” she says.