As a post graduate student, being a part of the Gen X theatre presenters was an absolute honour. Though a daunting task, the mixed level delegation ensured that I get exposure to presenting to a diverse audience, learn from fellow presenters and improve my presentation confidence as an aspiring engineer.

As POWER-GEN and DISTRIBUTION TECH Africa conference encompasses the world class exhibitions for the energy industry, the opportunity to attend this conference contributed immensely to my career and opened my mind to the diverse world of technology and leading technological solutions. This platform is ideal for an aspiring engineer and I am grateful for the sponsors that made my attendance of this event possible.

Awarded best paper in the 2017 Gen X theatre led to my work being published in the SAIEE technical magazine and as a result sparked industrial interest in my research. The questions asked from my presentation also contributed to my work and diversified my research scope. Thank you to the team that made this opportunity possible.
Moeketsi Tsosane
POWER-GEN and DISTRIBUTION TECH Africa 2017: Gen X Theatre: