Then Gen X theatre was an experience of a lifetime for myself.

Besides been my first ever conference presentation, I did get the chance to present a topic that is very close to heart, and strongly believe is an area to focus on. The level of networking I also was exposed to in terms of meeting industry leaders and pioneers was great, and for the first time as a Young Professional I was given a voice.

This is an experience I would recommend to all Young Professionals not just in South Africa but also on the continent. As an individual you get the chance to build up on your confidence and in terms of brand building it goes a long way.

And now being one of the Top 3 and being award the opportunity to go network with other Young Professionals in other continents,that alone makes this experience a defining point in my career. Some lessons I personally picked up throughout this experience:

• Preparation always works
• As a Young Professional one must remember a lot of the seniors are more than willing to mentor and offer advice, all it takes is the confidence to approach them.
• Never underestimate the power of networking

Kieth Katyora