Dear Ms Bertha Dlamini and Gen X Team,
Gen X Programme Testimonial

In July 2018 I was chosen to take part in the Gen X Programme which ran within the Power Gen Africa and DistribuTECH Africa conference held in Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg. This testimonial is to describe my experience in being a participant in the Gen X Programme and to highlight the many positives of having gone through this experience.

Being young in its establishment, the Gen-X Programme is an opportunity that is awarded only to top performers to ensure the success of the programme in achieving its goals of exposing young professionals to senior, well established professionals in the energy industry. Thus, simply being invited to attend and present one of my previously executed projects in my career was a great achievement in itself. I felt honored to be recognised as one of the top performers in this industry and so, without doubt I took the opportunity to present my work. I presented the Economic Dispatch Tracking project for the first time ever in front of an international audience, at my very first Power Gen Africa and DistribuTECH Africa Conference. Being able to do this was an invaluable experience. I was given the time and the platform on which to present my practical contribution to the energy industry in front of many experts in the same field. Being able to engage with such established professionals on this level made me realise how fortunate I was to have been given this chance.

Additionally, being able to present my work allowed me to demonstrate my ability to transition from university theory to practical, real application of engineering concepts. Being able to do this in front of an international audience also helped me realise the extent of how my work can affect the industry and the magnitude of potential I have in my hands to change this industry.

Attending this conference as a student delegate in the start of my career allowed me to represent my university and my current employer ABB as well as previous employers when engaging with industry professionals. I was fortunate enough to meet and engage directly key stakeholders in the industry such as directors, CEOs and various local and international private company owners. Such an opportunity is rare and it resulted in my network growing largely and making a name for myself in the industry.

Having gone through this experience I feel I have come out a much more confident individual, able to present and debate the challenges faced in the energy industry. I feel I am also inspired to continue working hard and make use of the potential I recognise within myself to make a real difference in this industry.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude in having been afforded this opportunity. I found this kind of exposure extremely beneficial and valuable as it allowed me to establish myself as a capable young professional in an area crowded with international industry professionals in the field of energy. Excelling in this competition has also resulted in my career being propagated forward and my network growing larger and I will forever be thankful to have had this opportunity. Overall, I have come out a stronger individual, ready to represent myself and the Gen-X Programme in all future endeavours in my professional career.

Thank you. Yours sincerely, Cyndhu Sriram B.Sc. Electrical Engineer Project Management – EP Division ABB South Africa Phone: (+27)10 202 5889 Email: /
Cyndhu Sriram