It was such a privilege and an honour to make a presentation of my MSc research at POWER-GEN Gen X THEATRE AFRICA 2018.

I managed to present my work to an international audience of experts who were very interested in what I had to say, and gave constructive feedback. I am glad I did it, though I was scared at first. I got helpful comments from the audience and the questions I got also helped me get a different perspective of my project, and encouraged me to explain it more clearly. I managed to network with the other student presenters and I believe we are going to make each other better through collaborations and encouragements.

I was most fortunate to get a mentor from the audience who not only managed to help me move my project further, but is also mentoring me in my career. As young women in a male dominated industry, it is very important to get guidance on how to deal with some challenges we may face. I also got offered information from IEEE.

A previous Gen X presenter, Dr Sphumelele Ndlovu, gifted all of this year’s presenters with his autobiography titled “Aiming for the stars”. After listening to his story I was motivated to give my research my best effort, and not let circumstances discourage me. His book is so inspirational and I recommend it to all young students who feel defeated before they even try, because of their life situations.

I want to thank Ms Bertha Dlamini for the wonderful initiative, Gen X sponsors and all the esteemed industry players who took the time to listen to our presentations and adjudicate. I am encouraged to also provide support to other students and young professionals.

I recommend any student or young professional who can, to present at Gen X. As daunting as it may be to present one’s work in front of total strangers, it is completely worth it. There are always industry experts who are willing to offer you helpful advice. Listening to other students’ presentations also exposes you to what else is going on in the industry, as the presenters are proposing fresh innovative solutions to real problems in the power industry.
Auxilia Munhutu